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Elwin Center is a campus with 17 acres of land. A missionary lady Miss.Alice Elwin from England lived in this campus until 1961. She was involved in three kinds of ministries Education, Medical help and evangelization. After that the campus was used as a Center to train Bible women for our Diocese.

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SedacIn the year 1980, when Rt.Rev.Dr.Pothirajulu was the Bishop of Madurai and Ramnad the School was started by Rev.Thavaraj David and his wife Mrs.Darling Selvabai David. During that time there were no Special School for the Mentally retarded people in the Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad.

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The School was started on 6th August 1980 with 13 Mentally retarded children. As the children came from many different places hostel facilities were also provided for these children. In the year 1981 Mr.M.Dayalan Barnabas joined as a Headmaster of this School. He is a rehabilitation Psychologist and a Special Educator. Slowly we increased the number of Students.

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Rt.Rev. Dr.D. Jeyasingh Prisnce Prabhakaran M.A.,B.D.,P.G.D.Th,D.D.,

Elwin Center Fund serving for

JINTF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children's lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.

Child protection

You can enjoy giving sweets / food to children on your birthday, wedding anniversary, memorial day.

Child survival

Help can be provided to purchase school equipment, toys, and teaching aids.


You can use your skills to teach children sports, dance and painting in your free time.

Social policy

You can help the school by buying notes, envelopes, pins, greeting cards, etc. made by these children.


Schools, Colleges Organizations like NSS can help in school development.

Innovation for children

Come and have fun talking with the children.Employers can employ these children in their companies.

Who we are?

The CSI Home for mentally retarded, Satchiyapuram was started in the year 1980. Most of the children are coming from poor background and their parents are working in the Fireworks, Matchworks and Printing Industries. Therefore, the home is very much needed for this area. By God's grace we have been working for the last fifteen years for these retarded children. It is a great pleasure to serve these children. we are consider this as a service. we give appropriate basic education, vocational training, employment opportunity, moral education and personality development with the help of special teachers and other experts in this field.

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volunteers came to the school and organized art programs and sports competitions and gave prizes to the children.

Pure Food & Water

Government of Tamil Nadu has been giving Rs.200/- per child per month as food subsidy to hostel students studying in this school since 1992. But this subsidy is not given to all the children in the hostel.

Health & Medicine

Every year a team of doctors are visiting our home and conduct medical check up to our children and give necessary guidance on health and hygiene.


They are trained to take care of themselfs. Training is given to go and work in publications right from school. Thus, many (50%) of the students who studied in my School are working and earning.

They need your help

Service Organizations Lions Club, Lions Club of Sivakasi Cosmos, Rotary Society, Innerwheel, JCs, YMCA, Service Organizations are helping in one way or another every year.

The volenteers come to the school as a group and play games and give gifts, refreshments and cheer the children.

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