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Free medicine

Every year a team of doctors are visiting our home and conduct medical check up to our children and give necessary guidance on health and hygiene.

Urgent need: We are in urgent need of the extension of present dinning hall building for Forty Children.

Future Plan : We would like to promote the work experience activities by constructing a separate building.

Visit of volunteers from abroad : Foreigners from many organizations are come as volunteers to this school. Some of the Traching Abroad come for a one-month or five-month service. People from many countries who come to Training intensively stay here for a month. German nationals who come to the Ecumenica Missions Service stay with the children for 6 months and receive special education. Children show great interest in interacting with them and learning from them.

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The legal definition of a charitable organization (and of charity) varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country. The regulation, the tax treatment, and the way.

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Service Organizations Lions Club, Lions Club of Sivakasi Cosmos, Rotary Society, Innerwheel, JCs, YMCA, Service Organizations are helping in one way or another every year.

The volenteers come to the school as a group and play games and give gifts, refreshments and cheer the children.

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